10 Basic tips which you really know to start web design in photoshop

Photoshop is a great and powerful tool not only for image editing but for any type of web graphics as well,In this post i want to learn you very important points if you want to start web designing at photoshop,because when you start some important task in your life it is very important you have to follow some rules regarding this task
1. If you want to create a web layout design make sure the size is 1024*786pixels in size.This is a very accurate layout size.
2.Every web page image resolution is not more than 72dpi in mesurment. because when you increase it your file size will be increased and you may face uploading problem on this file at your web page.
3.Always open Ruler (ctrl+R) and Grid for best allignment on image elements.
4.When you draw something make sure always on Snap to grid and guide option .because it will be help you to give more perfaction in your image allignment.
5.If you want to work on Adobe photoshop Cs5 or CC version add or install google Extension-“cooler”.Means to say cooler is a name of extension which can help you for making colorful graphic for web pages.It has a lines of color contrast which can help you suppose you have any background color .Which type of color contrast will enhance your page hadder and navigation footer and so on.if you want to understand the concept kindly see the vide
o lecture in urdu or hindi language. link will be avaliable at the bottom og post.
6.When you use gradiant tool always press “shift” key for apply perfect gradiant.
7.When you type any text with the help of type tool typeface always select “Crisp” and always use web Fonts for better result.
8.Always use “Prototype”.
9.Always open “Info” pannel for making web graphic design
10. Also set file type or color Mode of file in” RGB” in File-New command..
If you want to see live demo of this tutorial in urdu/Hindi kindly view at this link of my youtube channel
here is a link of my Youtube channel